Employment Development

Get the skills or support you need to get a job

At the Empowerment Center, we realized that many of those we feed would really like to be self-sufficient. Over the last two decades, we have helped hundreds of people to become employed and diverted many from homelessness.

Anyone that volunteers to support the food bank gains valuable employment and leadership skills. They are also allowed to shop for food each time they volunteer. Our volunteers report feeling accepted and valued.

Those specifically requesting job assistance can receive:

  • training
  • work experience
  • hands-on coaching in work readiness
  • resources and supplies needed to go to work such as transportation, clothing, certifications and documentation
  • assistance in applying for jobs
  • accountability
  • recommendations

How it works

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals avoid or recover from homelessness through employment development. If you’d like to be one of them, give us a call and join our amazing group of volunteers at the Empowerment Center.

We won’t judge your current situation, and we don’t discriminate by age, race, religion, or disability. Give us a call at 253-677-7740. Let us know what you’re going through and how we can help.

Volunteers unload food from a truck for the food bank.

“The Empowerment Center has provided an incredible opportunity for my son to learn, grow, and work. Prior to volunteering at the Empowerment Center he was very nervous to actively seek employment and start working. He wasn’t sure what to expect and had very low self-confidence. He was nervous, unsure, and very shy. The Empowerment Center provided an opportunity for him to begin working and building the needed self-confidence to be successful in a job. We witnessed great growth in him, increased self-confidence, and even some leadership skills beginning to emerge, as he began taking more initiative to do things that need to be done without having to be told. He is now working a full-time job and is not only doing well, he is truly succeeding and enjoying working. I would highly recommend the Empowerment Center as an opportunity to make connections, build skills and confidence, engage with wonderful and hardworking people, and begin the steps to becoming a leader.”